Home Security

Whether at home, at work, or away, you want to know that every point of access to your home or business is secure. If anyone tries to hop a fence, break a window or open a door, you want help summoned at once and you want to know about it immediately, wherever you are in the world.

Wired and wireless control panels provide advanced convenience, ease-of-use and multiple zones of protection for any application. When connected to the Internet, some control panels act as a real-time information hub for monitoring agents and first-responders.

Hard-wired options, including motion sensors, switches and magnetic contacts are ideal for new construction projects and large spaces. Wireless door & window sensors, environmental sensors, motion detectors, receivers, transmitters and more can be easily added to existing locations.
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Access Control

Our systems can provide monitored control of access to gates, garages, wine cellars, firearms lockers, personal offices and other areas in the home where an additional layer of security is desired.

Do you own a small business or manage a commercial office? Own residential or commercial property? Lots of our clients do and many are discovering the additional level of security provided by our Brivo® cloud-based access control solutions.
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Our IP-based systems feature high-definition streaming up to 1920×1080 at a full 30FPS, night vision so subjects can be seen clearly even in the dark, brightness compensation to reduce silhouetting and improve image contrast, privacy blocking and more.

Our IP camera systems can be hard-wired or wireless and provide up to 16 channels of round-the-clock HD video recording, accessible by any Internet-connected device. Instantly view security images on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.
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Stay aware of what’s happening at home, even when you’re away with interactive video monitoring. Never miss a moment of activity thanks to real-time video alerts and peek-in access to live streaming video feeds. Get video clips sent directly to you via text or email anytime the front door opens, the alarm is triggered, or motion is detected in the basement.

Stay connected to your home or business from anywhere with your mobile device. Watch live or recorded video. Get instant alerts if something happens. Setup and manage custom alerts and schedules. It’s easy to keep an eye on your home or business with all your devices integrated into a single intuitive experience.
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