Fiber is the future – inside your home too.

Fiber optic cable in home

Fiber is the future – inside your home too.

Consider fiber optic cable for your home

“No way”, you say. “Everything is going wireless.”

Trust us on this. If you’re building or remodeling and have an opportunity to run AV wiring through the walls for your entertainment and automation electronics, do it. And consider running fiber optic cable instead of copper wire. The added cost today will prevent endless frustrations in the future. Here’s why.

To start with, Wi-Fi is just not the answer. You and your family are adding more wireless devices to your home network all the time. Each one competes with all the others for limited bandwidth. Wi-Fi signals are prone to interference from neighboring networks and the greater environment, and they can be hampered by all kinds obstacles in the home. Plus, applications such as 4K video and high-resolution audio have been shown to require direct connections for the best results.

Next, consider how quickly technology is evolving. Today’s 4K video technology already approaches the capacity of conventional copper wiring. Add HDR (high dynamic range) and this pushes the envelope even further. 8K video is right around the corner, and technological progress just isn’t going to stop. This is where fiber-optic cabling, or fiber comes in.

Typically, the capacity of copper cable tops out at around 10 Gbps. Now, look at the chart below:

Fiber cable in home data rates

This suggests that, for anything above standard 4K resolution, fiber-based solutions are best. Yes, Wi-Fi offers higher bandwidth, but even Wi-Fi requires wired access points for full coverage in many homes. And remember that your Wi-Fi network must simultaneously support every wireless device in the home and is subject to interference and intermittency that wired solutions are not.

We say all the time that just because you can connect something wirelessly doesn’t mean you should, and nowhere is this truer than with high-resolution entertainment formats and automation applications where 100% reliability is required. If you’ve got open walls as part of any construction project, now is the time to future-proof your home not only for the technologies you own now, but for those you’ll want in the future. Give us a call and we’ll explain all the options.

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