Changes Coming to HDMI

HDMI 2.0

Changes Coming to HDMI

HDMI cables have been the standard connectors for digital video devices (TVs, computer monitors) for years. They allow for transmission of bandwidth-intensive HD and 4K high-resolution video content. Even if you’re not familiar with them, trust us, you probably have lots of them in you’re a/v gear around the house.

Here’s why we’re telling you this.

Technology never stops changing and improving. A few years ago, HD was the standard for TV & movies. Now it’s Ultra HD (4K) with high dynamic range (HDR) – but not for long. At the just-completed Consumer Electronics Show (CES), almost every TV manufacturer was showing 8K models with resolutions of 32 megapixels per frame. Not only is that 4 times the resolution of current 4K, it also exceeds the bandwidth capacity of current HDMI 2.0 connections. A new HDMI standard – HDMI 2.1 – is on the way.

Why does this matter?

If you’re building or re-modeling a home, you might be tempted to run long HDMI cables through your walls to support multi-room video distribution. Don’t do this.

At MyerConnex, we run Ethernet cables for in-wall video and audio distribution throughout the house. We then use short-run HDMI cables from the wall to the TV, which can be easily replaced when equipment is upgraded and connector standards change.

This just reinforces the point we’ve been making over the last few weeks. In today’s fast-changing tech environment, you need industry-specific expertise to plan and install future-proofed wiring for whole-house A/V and home automation systems. It’s not a job for an electrician or general contractor. Contact us and we’ll make sure your home can keep up the pace of changing technology.

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