AV Wiring – Part 2: Do You Know What You Need?

Whole House AV Wiring Installation - Structured Wiring

AV Wiring – Part 2: Do You Know What You Need?

It seems simple. TV in several rooms. Music throughout the house. Reliable Wi-Fi – everywhere. But do you know your AV wiring requirements, and what types of cable, you need to make this work? Does your contractor? Your electrician? Not likely. That’s not what they do. It takes a specialist who integrates complex electronic systems for a living (like us) to fully understand all of the considerations involved in the wired infrastructure that’s part of a modern connected home.

Define your AV wiring requirements before you build.

If you are building a new home or doing some major remodeling, you’re probably thinking of running wires for various home electronics. The time to determine what systems and capabilities you’ll want, both now and in the future, is in the planning stage before construction starts.

Consider each of the following applications:

  • Satellite and/or Cable TV
  • Internet/Home Broadband Network
  • Multi-Room Audio
  • Lighting & Blinds
  • Security/CCTV
  • Distributed Video
  • Unified Control

Each requires its own cabling, and the types of cable needed are often different. Signals often run both directions too, back and forth between multiple locations. And then usually, everything is brought together at a central location from which everything is controlled. And here’s a surprise…even your Wi-Fi network should have a wired backbone to perform reliably throughout the house.

The hardest problems to solve at the end are those that were overlooked at the beginning.

Once the walls are up, it’s too late to go back and retrofit a cable or two that you need to make something work. You need to make decisions at the beginning of your project about which services you want to have available in each room of your home, and each of these services will require specialized cabling to ensure it works with today’s and future technology. Next week we’ll go into more depth about planning the whole-house electronic environment of your dreams.

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