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Audio-Video Washington DC – From MyerEmco to MyerConnex
Whole-House Audio-Video Installation - Washington DC
Big-Screen Home Theater – Washington DC
Wired and Wireless Audio from iPad or iPhone – Washington DC
Bowers & Wilkins – Classe Audio – Washington DC
Lutron automated lighting and window shades – Washington DC
Built-In Audio-Video – Washington DC

We come from MyerEmco - a company that served the Washington DC area for 55 years. But we're a new company, with a
21st-century approach to the sales, installation, and integration of home electronics. We still provide everything that MyerEmco
always did in terms of quality products and technical expertise, and our team of former-MyerEmco experts is still the best at
meeting the unique requirements of every client we serve. Contact us



Intuitive, easy-to-use, universal remote control is finally here. It's that iPad®, iPhone®, or Android® device you use every day. And it can control much more than your entertainment system. Contact us and we'll tell you more.


Energy Management


Automated lighting and window systems can save money and conserve resources by balancing natural and artificial light, "remembering" to turn off lights when you leave the room, and much more. Contact us and we'll explain.


Whole-House Music & Video


Enjoy your entire music library, plus hundreds of online radio stations and music services, throughout your home - wirelessly. That's right, there's no need to run wires through the walls and mount speakers in the ceiling. Contact us for details.


Home Automation


Today, not only audio/video equipment but also lighting, window-shading, climate-control, and security systems can be linked together seamlessly and controlled by a single device. Making all this happen is what we do. Contact us .

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