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Fiber optic cable in home

Fiber is the future – inside your home too.

Consider fiber optic cable for your home “No way”, you say. “Everything is going wireless.” Trust us on this. If you’re building or remodeling and have an opportunity to run AV wiring through the walls for your entertainment and automation electronics, do it. And consider running fiber optic cable instead of copper wire. The added cost today will prevent endless frustrations in the future. Here’s why. To start with, Wi-Fi is just not the answer. You and your family are adding [...]

Whole House AV Wiring Installation - Structured Wiring

AV Wiring – Part 5: Documentation Makes a Difference

AV Wiring Documentation - Why Proper Documentation Matters Designing and installing the wired backbone for integrated home electronics is a specialized skill developed only through experience. It requires detailed knowledge of connected equipment and clear understanding of desired end-uses. It is a false economy to leave this critical part of your project to an electrician or other trade just to save a few dollars. Nowhere is this truer than with respect to labeling and AV wiring documentation. Once the walls are [...]

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