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Lutron Automated Window Shades - MyerConnex

Demystifying Automated Widow Shades

Automated window shades can save energy, enhance security and increase your enjoyment of your home. You come home at the end of a long day. It’s dark outside, so you flip on the lights. But all of the window shades are open and anyone outside can see right in. Wouldn’t it be nice to lower all of the window shades and draw the curtains with a touch of a button? Automated window shades aren’t new, but choices are greater, installation [...]

Whole House AV Wiring Installation - Structured Wiring

AV Wiring – Part 3: Proper Planning Prevents Problem$

You plan every other aspect of your remodeling or new-home construction project. Countertops, fixtures, flooring, lighting, wall finishes indoors and out. Yet somehow electronics and the built-in structured wiring they require can be an afterthought, especially in the beginning when so much else is in play. Unnecessary extra costs and frustrations can be the result. Whole House Structured Wiring Structured wiring for even the simplest systems involving more than one room requires planning before construction begins. Design changes can happen, but [...]

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