Customized environments that deliver true cinematic quality directly to your home.

MyerConnex is
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Serving the Washington D.C. Area for over 60 Years

Why Choose Us

We come from MyerEmco, a company that served the Washington DC area for more than 60 years. Our system designers, project managers and technicians have decades of experience creating and installing extraordinary electronic systems in the region’s finest homes.

Modern home electronics are increasingly connected to the Internet, and to each other. Few components are truly plug-and-play. Our systems aren’t just assembled – they’re engineered – to work simply, seamlessly and efficiently together.

Our systems are simply superior. We recommend and sell the finest brands in the industry. Premium products from premier manufacturers, integrated into carefully-crafted systems that are more than the sum of their parts.

You trust us to come into your home – to work neatly and efficiently, and to provide a craftsman’s fit and finish to our work. Invariably we do, and when we’re finished, we make sure you know how to use everything we’ve installed. We’ve completed thousands of projects for clients who come back to us time and again to keep them current and continually enhance the technology in their homes.

Client Testimonials

We only offer and install the
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brands and products

Here is just a sampling: